Flaunt your dancing skills this Navratri

Colorful costumes, lively dances, rituals and special ceremonies makes “Navratri” unique and special festival of Gujarat. It is celebrated with full dedication and devotion to Goddess Amba. People from all over India come to Gujarat to sway on the steps of Garba.There are various forms of Garba dance like Garba, Gofan, Garbi, Dandiya, Hinch and Hudo.Dandiya involves the addition of sticks, which dancers beat in tune.It can be well experienced only in the state of ‘Gujarat’.The cities of Ahmedabad,Vodadra and Surat hold great events during Navratri.EvenForiegners flock here to enjoy every bit of it.


Ahmedabad captures the feel of Navratri in its own way. It takes the spirit of Navratri to the ultimate level.There are wellknown spots in Ahmedabad which holds Garba event with Grandeur.Mirchi Rock N’ Dhol(S.G highway),Red Earth Garba, Friends Garba (Akash Aman Party Plot) etc are wellknown groups that hosts amazing garba events. The biggest and famous event is organized at the GMDC ground. Manek Chowk, Bhadra Fort and Teen Darwaja are places in the ‘Old City’ where majority of Sheri Garba events are held. These events are not organised on a grand scale but the spirit of garba is at its zenith here. But before heading towards the venues, one can just indulge in shopping of traditional “Chaniya Cholis” at law garden. The law garden is wellknown for its collection of exclusive Bandhani textile and white metal jewellery. Apart from this, garba dancers relish down the scrumptious gwalia dosa and pav-bhaji specially at Manek Chowk, which is also a street food haven that remains open till the early hours every night. The atmosphere here is eclectic on Navratri


Vodadara-The cultural Capital of Gujarat is a heaven for “Garba” lovers as the city organizes some of the best events during Navratri.”United Way” Navratri Mahotsav is very popular in Gujarat. An amalgamation of good management, top singers, and ambiance is what attracts large number of people to Vadodara.“Maa Shakti Garba” is another wellknown garba event. It is listed in the Limca Book of World Records as the biggest garba in the world. Nearly 40,000 dancers celebrated Navratri about 9 years ago. The Maa Shakti Garba is celebrated in Gujarat Housing Board Ground.”Street food festival” is also arranged every year during Navratri which tickles the taste buds. So plan a trip to Vodadara and enjoy Navratri to the fullest.


There is no garba like garba of Surat. Well said! As people from all over India flock to Surat to experience the fervor and zest of Navratri which rises with each passing day. Specially the Bollywood and Tellywood celebrities add glamour to the festive season by making appearances at different venues in Surat. The entire city is decked in colourful lights and colours. Indoor Stadium, Dhruvgroup, TGB group, Glam Garba etc organizes few of the great events during Navratri.

So get up, hold on your dupattas and dandiyas and head towards Gujarat to get a first hand experience of Navratri.


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