Most Ghastly places in India which may send chills down your spine

India is a mysterious country as there are many haunted places which assure you an adrenalin rush down your spine .T.S. Eliot  has beautifully described the existence of ghosts and spirits-“The lawn is pressed by unseen feet and ghosts return; Gently at twilight, gently go at dawn; The sad intangible who grive and yearn..If you want to experience bold, fun and dazzling phase of life you need to make a visit at below eidolic places atleast once in your lifetime.

Ramoji film city;Hyderabad

Ramoji film-city, the largest film studio and land of million dreams attracts a large number of tourists every year.Even there are numerous incidents of paranormal activities during the shoot of movies.It mainly includes  ghastly stories of lights falling down, shadows in trial rooms,hammers on locked bathroom doors, as well as light men being pushed by invisible hands and thus being injured.Even the left-overs of food gets scattered during night.Also unusual marks ofUrdu scripts are left on mirrors.It is believed that there are evil forces which harm people specially the girls.


Vrindavan Society of Thane is famous for all the wrong reasons.It is not a typical haunted house in poor condition .Rather the society consists of more than hundred luxurious buildings.Paranormal activities begun to haunt people after a suicide of a middle-aged man from a balcony of building no 66B.Post that lots of weird and abnormal things were experienced by the guards of the society specially. Still the society is fully occupied by people. It has even become a tourist destination.

Jatinga Valley;Assam

There are so many places and forts in Assam which are wellknown for being mysterious and scary. Jatinga is a mystic, beautiful, lush green village located on a ridge in the North Cachar Hills. It is also called Death Valley for Birds due to the weird phenomenon of avid mass suicides during moonless nights.The tribal people were so scared and believed that it was wrath of the Gods. Thus they left the village and the settlement was deserted

Dow Hills,West Bengal

The hill station in the Darjeeling state of West Bengal, Kurseong is the most sought after place for the tourists but it has a dark side too. It has a history of “paranormal” activities and “murders”..yes you  read it right. The local people have heard whispering and footsteps in the Victoria boys school during the holidays. Some woodcutters have saw a young headless boy walking across the path and disappearing among the trees. Even people have heard screams of children who get terrified by evil spirits.

Delhi Cantonment Area

The most haunted place of Delhi is the Delhi Cantt area. There are scary stories of a “white lady” surrounding the area.This woman, dressed in a white saree, is said to be roaming here for decades. She just asks for a lift and People who agreed to give her a lift become her victims. If the driver did not bother to stop, she would start running after the vehicle at the same speed until the end of Delhi Canttarea. Due to this blood chilling incidents, the Cantt area has become quite popular.

Bhangarh fort,Rajasthan

The most spookiest place of Rajasthan is the  17th century Bhangarh fort in Alwar district.A place where it is forbidden to roam in after the darkness. Local people of Bhangarh portray a few episodes where travelers or volunteers settled on a night stay in the fortification.The beguiling engineering remains of Bhangarh Fort has a profound established association with different legends and myths in the zones.

Do you believe in ghosts??If no, just visit the ghastly places and take a look into what’s occurring in the odd, baffling world out there.

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